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Triple A Cheese Co. Ltd. | Largest Feta Cheese Manufacturer in Canada.

In 1962 Gus Stanwyck, "entrepreneur" decided to get into the business
of manufacturing Feta cheese. In 1962 Feta Cheese was only available
as an imported product. Feta, a mainstay in Mediterranean diets, was
virtually unknown by the general public. With it's wonderful advantages
over other cheeses, Gus had a strong intuition that he had a
"Diamond in the rough".

By the late 70's Gus Stanwyck's dream had become a booming business.
The tremendous growth in the popularity of Feta cheese can be largely
attributed to Gus's initiative.

To this day Gus and his two Sons, Chris & Tom continue to grow with the
cheese they manufacture. Being the largest manufacturer of Feta cheese
in Canada. The Stanwyck family are recognized as the leaders in Feta cheese.

Triple "A" manufactures three types of Feta.


This traditional feta is used for the standard "GREEK SALAD". The texture is
easily crumbled and has good slicing qualities.

This Feta was developed in the early 80's to address a niche market. Being
very similar to "Kaymak" or "Lebene". This Balkan, middle eastern flavored
cheese has experienced exponential growth. It's extremely rich flavor with
a low fat content of 22%, has made it extremely popular.

The growing concern over fat in diets in it rated the introduction. With a 15%
fat content our light feta is sure to please.

Please contact sales with any inquiries.

Triple "A" Cheese Co. Ltd.
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Triple A Cheese Co. Ltd.  |  Largest Feta Cheese Manufacturer in Canada.